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Resonant Frequencies : The Downtempo Collection
2006-01-06 19:24:07
A seamless collection of dub, trip-hop & drum-n-bass guaranteed to relax the mind and stimulate the imagination.

MDMA Poster
2006-01-06 18:45:47
The classic MDMA spoof on Viagra, Prozac, and other mood-enhancing pharmaceuticals is now available in poster form!

TRiP 4
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Issue Four of TRP: Welcome to Hyperspace, featuring the DMT Dossier, Interviews with Terence McKenna, Rick Strassman M.D., and Alexander Shulgin. Plus Eric Taub on Iboga, mimosahuasca datapoints and full-color Burning Man coverage.

TRiP 5
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Issue Five of TRP: Culture of Consciousness. All new material from Dave Nichols and Divid Presti on neuroscience, Dale Pendell and Antero Alli on metaphysics, R.U. Sirius and Dan Joy thumbing their noses at all that is holy, the 70 greatest drug myths...

Psychedelic Illuminations 5
2001-01-30 16:20:23
eary features, Mushroom Growing Tips, Hoasca Project, Psychedelic Research, Tom Pinkson, Origin of LSD, Shamans and Psychiatry, Santo Daime.

Psychedelic Illuminations 6
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Ghost of Maria Sabina, Mushroom with a View, Terence McKenna interview, Ayahuasca Analogues, Gathering of the Minds, Meetings with Castaneda.

Psychedelic Illuminations 7
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Manna from Heaven, Stalking the Spirit of Ibogaine, Art of the Erial, LSD and Depression, interviews with Tom Lyttle, Jonathan Ott, Jan Saether.

Psychedelic Illuminations 8
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Jerry Garcia's Afterlife, Praise the Mushrooms, Irish Soma, Jeweled Web of Indra, Tripping with Captain Zip, Hallucinations on Archaic Revival.

Trip 8
2001-01-30 16:20:23
This issue features an Interview with visionary artist Alex Grey on the nature of art and transcendence.

2001-01-30 16:20:23
Lush organic downtempo laced with phat breaks and smokin' bass lines. A standout debut CD from this San Francisco-based artist.

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