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pfly: duckapus
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Experimental ambient soundscapes and psychedelic headspaces from acclaimed underground artist pfly.

Frank Kozik - Tribute to Preston Blair
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Frank Kozik's twisted tribute to one of Disney's greatest animators.

Aidan Hughes - Panic Attack
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Aidan Hughes's "Panic Attack" on high quality blotter.

Trevor Brown - Little Strange Dots
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Baby doll trippers are the best, so don't pass this one up. From the master of doll art Trevor Brown.

Trip Ten - SOLD OUT
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Sorry, these have just sold out.

time trapping : currents
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Fantastic video feedback art for your TV. Worth checking out.

Rev Samuel - Lucifer
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Cryptic, High Gothic, occult print from Rev Samuel. Printed on quality blotter.

Psychedelic Illuminations 4
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A real blast from the past! A collector's item featuring Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Jim DeKorne, Sasha & Anne Shulgin interview, Peter Gorman's Amazonia Adventure, and much more!

Trip 9
2001-01-30 16:20:23
Interviews with DJ Spooky, Negativland, and Paul Krassner, Writers on Drugs, Psychedelic Activism, Brain Computer Interfaces, Timothy Leary's head & more!

Terence McKenna: The Last Interview
2001-01-30 16:20:23
A double-CD containing the last interview of Terence McKenna's career, with Erik Davis.

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