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Montreal woman seeks compensation in '50s brainwashing case

A Montreal woman is seeking to launch a class-action lawsuit more than 50 years after she says she was subjected to controversial psychiatric treatments funded by the Canadian government and the CIA.

Another in a line of cases going all the way back to the bad old days of MK-ULTRA. Some of the juicier tidbits:

Janine Huard, 78, was a patient at McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute when a doctor there was conducting brainwashing experiments.


"I had massive convulsive electroshocks, and they used to give me pills, 40 pills a day," she told CBC News on Monday.

Huard doesn't know if some of those were LSD pills, one of the experimental drugs being used in the hospital at the time.

But, she said, she does know she was sleep deprived for days, and forced to listen to recorded messages played over and over again.


Dr. Ewen Cameron, an American doctor who believed he could erase the memories of patients and rebuild their psyches, was recruited by the CIA to experiment with mind-control techniques beginning in 1950.

Cameron gave patients LSD and subjected them to massive and multiple electroshock treatments. Some underwent sleep deprivation or total sensory deprivation. Others were kept in drug-induced comas for months on end while speakers under their pillows broadcast messages for up to 16 hours a day.

The experiments were part of a larger CIA program called MK-ULTRA, which also saw LSD administered to U.S. prison inmates and patrons of brothels without their knowledge, according to testimony before a 1977 U.S. Senate committee.

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Posted on: 2007-01-09 13:37:17