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Passive-aggressive Stoner Quiz

Do you have the feeling you are a passive-aggressive pothead? Well wonder no more! Answer the following questions and tally your score below to find out for sure!

1. If you are walking down the street and witness a traffic accident, do you:

a. Run to the scene to assist any injured people
b. Call 911 to alert the police
c. Stand in a group of people and stare at the scene
d. Get really baked

2. When your boss tells you he needs your weekly status report on his desk in the morning, do you:

a. Flip open your spreadsheet and start crunching numbers
b. Make a mental note to get to it later
c. Check your e-mail to see if you have any new MySpace adds
d. Get really baked

3. When corporations pollute the air and poison the water in your neighborhood, do you:

a. Join an activist group to promote change
b. Write your congress person an angry letter
c. Drink bottled water
d. Get really baked

4. When your girlfriend dumps you for being a total loser, do you:

a. Promise to change and beg her to take you back
b. Make her a mix-tape and send her apology flowers
c. Have sex with her best friend
d. Get really baked

5. When someone asks you to take a personality quiz, do you:

a. Answer all questions accurately and honestly
b. Lie a little to make yourself look better
c. Laugh in their face
d. Get really baked


Give yourself a 1 for every A, a 2 for every B, a 3 for every C, and a 4 for every D.


1-5: You are a saint and a hero
6-10: You are a perfectly decent person
10-15: You may may be exhibiting signs of passive-aggressive denial
16-20: You're baked right now, aren't you?

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Tags : marijuana humor
Posted on: 2006-10-31 16:44:09