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The Staff of Trip Magazine


IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is a BRIEF SUMMARY of the complete safety information available for this product and should not be used as a basis for prescription or non-prescription use of MDMA. The physician and patient should be thoroughly familiar with the complete safety and risk information before beginning use.

Dosage: 100-150 mg/oral

Duration: 30-60 minutes to onset; 2-3 hour plateau; 4-6 hours to baseline

Effects: Ego softening; neurotically based fear dissolution; feelings of emotionally based love and empathy; facilitation of in-depth communication and emotional bonding; heightened present moment awareness; heightened reaction to pleasurable sensory stimulus; that blissed-out "warm all over" feeling of inner peace and spiritual well being.

Side effects: Appetite loss; CNS stimulation; mild to intense trismus (jaw clenching/teeth grinding); mild to moderate post-session fatigue; nystagmus (lateral eye wiggle); agitation; restlessness; nervousness; nausea; shivering or tremor.

Contraindications: Concurrent use of stimulants or MAO inhibitors. Heart irregularities, glaucoma, hypertension, aneurysm or stroke history, hepatic or renal disorders, diabetes or hypoglycemia.


1. Serotonin Depletion: Laboratory research with rats and non human primates has shown that high doses of MDMA cause long term reductions in serotonin and serotonin-specific receptor sites, when not co-administered with specific inhibitory chemicals (such as fluoxetine). Patients should limit their maximum dose & frequency, stay hydrated, and talk to their doctor about co-administration of toxicity-blocking agents.


1. General: MDMA is a strong stimulant and is taxing both physically and mentally. MDMA should be used only by generally healthy individuals. Patients with heart, liver, or kidney dysfunction should not take MDMA.

2. Liver P450 2D6 Metabolism: Less than 10% of the general population have reduced MDMA metabolism efficiency due to below average production of the P450 2D6 enzyme. Patients with a slow metabolism or who currently take other P450-2D6 occupying drugs require much smaller doses and should consult with their physicians before ingestion.

3. Increased Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: MDMA can cause substantial increases in blood pressure and heart rate during the first 5 hours after ingestion. Patients with high-blood pressure and/or heart irregularities should consult a physician before taking MDMA.

4. Body Temperature: Small to large increases in body temperature are common during the first 5 hours after ingestion. Because most users feel very peaceful during this period they often forget to drink water and remain cool, increasing their risk of hyperthermia.

5. Pediratric Use: Safety and efficacy of MDMA for the treatment of depression, anxiety, or boredom have not been established.

6. Pregnancy & Nursing Mothers: Pregnant and nursing mothers should not ingest MDMA.

7. Overdoseage: Serious ill effects have been reported from acute ingestion of large doses of MDMA. Overdoseage may result in blackouts, vomiting, dizziness, headache, increased risk of long term serotonin depletion, hyperthermia, serotonin syndrome, increased hangover, and other negative effects.

8. Emotional Disorders: Patients with a history of depression, psychosis, anxiety disorder, or other emotional disorders should be carefully observed and the drug discontinued if the disorders recur to a serious degree.

9. Psychosocial Entanglement: Due to MDMA's ability to break down normal social and cultural barriers frequent users may notice occasional inappropriate and/or unexpected emotional-bond imprinting with other MDMA users in a group setting. Psychosocial entanglements forged in an MDMA session may last for many months after the initial session and could potentially lead to quasi-permanent codependent relationships such as domestic cohabitation and marriage.

Adverse Effects
The following is a representation of patients with adverse events in MDMA (80-125mg) vs. Inactive Placebo dosings.*

Adverse EventMDMA(%) Placebo(%)
Abdominal Pain 5 20
Back Pain 13 10
Heart Palpitation 8 27
Trismus 85 4
Nystagmus 50 5
Heightened Feelings of Empathy 90 3
Life Changing Spiritual Experience 30 1
Vomiting 15 2
Increased Anxiety 30 10
Increased Perspiration 20 5
Uncontrollable Smiling 75 4
Hangover 40 3
Passing Out 4 0
Dizziness 40 10
Euphoria 90 10
Confusion 20 2
Memory Disruption 26 1

Estimates of Mortality from MDMA use: Less than one death per million uses of MDMA in the US in 1999, based on estimate from the National Household Survey (SAMSHA) and the Monitoring the Future (NIDA) study. Estimating more than 10 million MDMA dose sessions in 1999 with less than 10 MDMA-only deaths. Increase in risk of mortality is likely with age and contemporaneous ingestion of contraindicated medications.

Notes on Dose and Usage in a Clinical Setting: In clinical settings it is common procedure to provide a supplemental dosage of 40-60 milligrams near the one and a half hour point in a session. This supplement typically extends the desired effects for an additional hour with only modest exacerbation of normal side-effects. Additional supplements after the two and a half hour point were rarely found to be clinically productive or emotionally useful.

Notes on Judgment while on MDMA: It is possible to make bad decisions while on MDMA, particularly with regards to having sex with people who you will later regret having sex with. You may also say things to people you'd later wish to retract, act in an obnoxiously touchy-feely manner, or choose to take your last 6 MDMA tablets over the course of an entire evening. These are all bad choices even though they may seem perfectly normal while on MDMA. Of course bad choices for a given person can be good choices for another person. Suggesting that spontaneity should be suppressed while taking MDMA tends to defeat the purpose of taking MDMA, but there is a line between MDMA-facilitated social experimentation and outright recklessness. It is good to think about your limits before ingestion and to stick to those limits while under the influence.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Despite MDMA's powerfully positive clinical effects, possession of this medication without licensing from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration can result in severe criminal penalties, including (but not limited to) physical harm incidental to arrest; destruction of personal property incident to arrest; seizure of all cash or valuable assets in your possession at time of arrest; warrantless seizure of your automobile, home, and computer equipment; court-approved public humiliation; supervised urination; lengthy or permanent incarceration in prisons designated by Amnesty International to be in violation of international humane treatment treaties; loss of employment.

Is MDMA right for you? Ask you doctor, or seek further information on your own.

MDMA Resources:

*MDMA Adverse Event percents are based on informal surveys of users. Placebo Adverse Events are based on placebo trials for other nationally advertised pharmaceuticals.

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