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Flashback: Summer of Love not All That

A new series looking back on the Summer of Love after 40 years attempts to shed new light and dispell some myths.

For those of you eternally bummed that you missed the big party, get over it already. Instead of dwelling on the old days, paint yourself up like a neon leopard and I'll see you at Burning Man.

Looking beyond the cultural implications, the Summer of Love was thought of by many as the ultimate party. But, like most good parties, it soon grew too crowded. And some of the folks clearly weren't on the guest list.

Drawn by the intense media coverage of the hippie movement, including a cover story in Time magazine, the Haight was bombarded by an estimated 100,000 new arrivals that summer. That number included a fair share of teen runaways, con artists, thieves and drug dealers - who would combine to irrevocably change the very essence of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was on another radar as well - that of the police. The cops followed the newcomers into the area, looking for - and finding - plenty of easy busts.

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Tags : hippies love drugs
Posted on: 2007-02-11 12:56:14