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Drug report shakes Turkish parliament
2007-01-02 11:50:15
The rapidly increasing use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs is not only a threat to public health but also to the future of Turkish society.

Steve-O reveals New Year's resolutions
2007-01-02 11:44:20
'Jackass' star Steve-O's New Year's resolutions include being less stupid and doing less drugs

Kesey's bus runs out of gas
2006-12-30 13:05:14
A project to restore the historic school bus used by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters runs low on funding

Mexican Troops Killed Fighting Hybrid Marijuana
2006-12-30 12:58:32
Three Mexican soldiers were killed early yesterday while attempting to eradicate an apparently new resistant hybrid cultivar of marijuana called 'Cannabis Sativa-Audrey'.

Maine bill seeks regulation of Salvia
2006-12-29 11:37:52
Seeking to stop the advancing PR hype surrounding the purple-sticky salvia, Maine fights back

Spotlight on E
2006-12-29 11:33:16
Ecstasy is a fact of party life for some and the end-of-the-year gala is no exception. Harm-reduction groups in Australia, the U.S. and even in British Columbia test partiers' pills for dangerous adulterants.

The Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006
2006-12-28 19:12:53
Mind blowing images of the cosmos near and far. You seriously must give this one a look.

Head-banging snakes may predict quakes
2006-12-28 12:19:43
China has come up with an earthquake prediction system which relies on the behavior of snakes, state media said Thursday, two days after two quakes struck off neighboring Taiwan.

College: Study Hard, Party Hard
2006-12-28 12:13:01
Wow, like college freshman totally wallow in sex, drugs, and booze. I'm shocked...

Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere
2006-12-27 12:49:52
Mother Nature acknowledges no federal prohibitions on hallucinogenic substances, and, in spite of the law, soils across the city are coming alive with mushrooms of the intoxicating genus Psilocybe.

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