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Old Druggies: Boomers stay high well into golden years
2007-01-24 16:41:06
Experts warn that the 78 million-strong baby-boomer generation is bringing its propensity to use pills and pot to its senior years.

Ecstasy, the new prescription drug?
2007-01-23 14:33:49
This year, the drug MDMA, otherwise known as ecstasy, could take a step toward medical respectability.

Brace yourself: Day-Glo is Back!
2007-01-23 11:31:20
Day-Glo Color Corporation announces its plans to relaunch its fluorescent color brand Day-Glo(TM). Popularized in the 1960s and '70s, when psychedelic patterns, blacklights and Peter Max were the rage.

Athiesm and the God Delusion: An Interview with Richard Dawkins
2007-01-18 11:49:13
Terrence McNally interviews atheist Richard Dawkins on his new book 'The God Delusion.' From AlterNet

Psychonauts: A Movie
2007-01-17 16:56:17
Download this hungarian film about the history of psychedelic exploration

Hippies are officially old
2007-01-14 22:07:35
The first-ever Human Be-in turns 40

Preaching the Dead
2007-01-10 13:28:00
A Unitarian pastor sees a link between the music of the Grateful Dead and spirituality, offering a three-part sermon on the topic to congregants.

Montreal woman seeks compensation in '50s brainwashing case
2007-01-09 13:37:17
A Montreal woman is seeking to launch a class-action lawsuit more than 50 years after she says she was subjected to controversial psychiatric treatments funded by the Canadian government and the CIA.

Peruvian maca root in bioprospecting dispute
2007-01-05 13:32:55
Good article detailing the patent disputes between traditional shamanic medicines and corporate business interests

Spiders on Psychoactives
2007-01-04 14:12:42
Results of this groundbreaking study show the effects of psychoactive drugs on spider web building

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